If you couldn't tell by the address of the site, or the giant name ^ up there, I'm Matthew Mulligan but Matt will do. I develop, or engineer websites. From design, to server setup, to transfer of servers (if you are paying too much $$ currently) to Content Management Systems (CMS) I can get it done. I have been developing websites on the side now since 2006 and have become very familiar with all types of systems, languages and environments.

I have done work with Flash/Actionscript, including work with video playing and recording. This was done with the use of Flash Media Server (FMS) (Amvona.com). I have also used flash to create a music player to be used in multiple areas of a site with different looks (LouderMusic.com Project also LiquidLandscapeDesigns.com Project).

My specialty is PHP. I have created several websites from scratch using php and mysql. Most of these pertained to car shipping websites still in operation today (Shipping-Your-Auto.com, LoadDepot.com and MoversDepot.net).

Other experiences have included creating custom components for the popular CMS Joomla (NewEnglandCheer.org)

What I can do
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • Actionscript 2.0
  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • Oracle